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Video gone viral: Whose opinion REALLY matters when wedding planning?

Recently, a video of me attaching rings to the bottom of a chair, turning an unsuspecting guest into a surprise ring bearer, went viral. With over 6 million views on instagram, an article on Newsweek and being featured on Ladbible and The Hollywood Journal, online reactions were mixed, like Marmite – some loved it while others were not as enthusiastic.

One individual commented, "this is adorable!", while another expressed, "what a horrible idea," showcasing completely contrasting viewpoints. And you know what? That's perfectly fine as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The beauty lies in the fact that just because someone appreciates an idea doesn't mean you have to!

A friend of mine mentioned, "some of those comments are quite negative," but it didn't faze me. That's precisely why hiring a celebrant is essential – you can tailor your wedding to your preferences, as not everyone shares the same tastes! Some couples prefer extra symbolic elements and modern ways whilst others still love a little tradition and neither is right or wrong!

When planning your wedding, remember that not everyone will share your tastes, and that's perfectly okay!

The real question is... whose opinion truly counts when organising YOUR special day? Ultimately, the decision is yours! I firmly believe that your opinion is the only one that should hold the most weight – after all, it is YOUR big day, isn't it? You're never going to get it back.

However, there is a distinction between unwanted opinions and valuable advice. For instance, when your supplier offers genuine advice like timing suggestions for your event or the best spots for capturing footage at your venue, you should absolutely take this advice on board. On the other hand, if Aunt Karen expresses her disapproval because you're not having a cake cutting, that falls into the category of an unwanted opinion.

Listen, we're not talking about people giving opinions when you ASKED for it, if you are unsure on a decision and want people's opinion, fire away! But don't lose sleep over people who are trying to be awkward or put a downer on your wedding ideas.

Don't let one person's negative opinion make you regret not having something on your wedding day. Often, those very same people will change their minds on the day and praise how 'amazing' your idea was (I've witnessed this happen on countless occasions).

My personal rule as a celebrant is to never push ideas onto any couples. Yes, we can suggest them but I never want my couples feel like they 'have' to do something and that's why hiring a celebrant is so brilliant! We're flexible, creative and great listeners!

To learn more about celebrant ceremonies, please visit my website!

Meg x

Photo: Alicia Eden Photography

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