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Personalised Poetry

Storytelling readings & speech writing 

I LOVE writing personalised poems and it's one of my most popular services to add to a celebrant ceremony. These are perfect for any couples looking for non-religious or unique wedding ceremony reading ideas. 


Enhance Your Special Occasion with a Personalised Poem

What could be more special than having a custom-written poem on your wedding day, vow renewal ceremony, or child's naming ceremony?


Let's collaborate to tell your love or family story in an extraordinary way.

Read Wedding (Hornington Manor): Personalised Poem, read by the bride's siblings. 

Title: To our sister and new brother (their love story from a siblings perspective)

Video: Abigail Grace Videography 

I've done personalised wedding ceremony readings for parents, brothers, sisters, best friends and children!

Bespoke Poetry Readings 

Postponement Poem Amy & Michael Wedding So you booked for 2020, that might’ve been a mistake. Everything’s been sorted: the music, dress and the cake. You wish it was a nightmare and any second you will wake. You have to wait another year, to get married by the lake. You haven’t fully cancelled, but decided to delay. You didn’t plan for a virus, to stop your special day. Your honeymoon’s been cancelled, you’re no longer going away. So now I’m trying to cheer you up, here’s what I have to say…. I’ve written you this poem, to look on the bright-side. Read this very carefully, I’ll give you my reasons why… Postponing your big day could be the best decision of your life. Even if you have to wait a year to become husband and wife! Think about the difference another year could make? More time to practice speeches, the aisle walk and the cake! Just think about this time next year and how happy you will be. When you’re stood in-front of everyone, not just the lucky thirty. We’ll call Chloe ‘Mary Berry’, presenting her show stopper. If she bakes a cake a week, I don’t think anyone could top her. Mike, Adam, Rob and Annie still have their speeches to do. They may not be great poets, but have time to improve. The lads can have a stag and the girls can have a hen. Any excuse to have more drinks and meet them all again. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids, might even grow much closer. Because now we have more time to sit and get to know each other. Katherine has more time to decide how to wear her hair. Helen, Jess and Mollie can practice walking down the stairs. Rob and Laura’s little man, will be much older and aware. Everyone will be able to relax and feel the love in the air. So imagine us a year from now, it will be worth the wait. I know it was a tough decision, so much to deliberate. If it rains in 2020, we’ll know that it was fate. But either way we’ll wait a year, to gather and celebrate!

Amy & Michael, Our Story Poem They met in school and camped at the farm. He asked her out, she fell for his charm. It was young love, the breakup was short-sited But when Amy was at uni, the couple reunited. ​They’ve met different friends, all along the way. Many of whom, you will see here today. ​Then they got a puppy, a husky named Mish. Then they adopted Suki, that was their next wish. ​They live together now like a little family. The next thing on the cards was for them to marry. ​They love to travel together… Austria, Budapest and Rome. Let us just say they really enjoy different time zones. ​So it was no surprise, when they went away To Australia and New Zealand on a vacay. ​While they were there, Michael got down on one knee. Amy said yes!! It was time to tell their family. All the family was elated and excited about the news. They celebrated, cried and then they had some booze. ​7 bridesmaids were selected... and the groomsmen too. Now it was time to start planning, there was so much more to do. The venue was selected, a place named Cragwood hall. The venue had a jetty, they hoped no one would fall… ​Then in 2020, the wedding had some doubts... Because of a global pandemic we knew nothing about. ​Now the wedding was in limbo, so many in the same boat.. It was a tough decision but they decided to postpone. The new date was set for October 2021 And now we’re all here today, how quick that year has gone. ​So welcome one and all to the wedding of the year! We’ve all been waiting patiently... but it is finally here. ​Now listen up as there is one thing we know for certain, We cannot wait to announce you are MR & MRS BURGIN!

Competition Winner Angela's Poem In this technological age, Their love story started online. In a chatroom they matched, Where their stars would align. From messaging to voice calls... At 6 months unveiling their faces. They got to know each other, While living in different places. Their initial connection was strong Like she knew him all her life. From talking online at age 16... To now becoming husband and wife. Angela thought Alex was funny, He is “tender, driven & intriguing”. Alex said her voice was cute, She’s “beautiful, funny and caring”. In Croatia 2 years later, They finally meet face to face. The location was a bus station, After Alex arrived from the states. They share many memories together A night at the lake and fishing, Bad dancing in the kitchen... Every story is such a blessing. The couple can’t wait for the future, A loving marriage & their first home. Filled with love and laughter And having a family of their own. Gabrijela and Esai they thank, They’ve helped them along the way. Steph-Dad Nick and Angela’s Grandparents, Made them who they are today. Angela’s staying a Korda To honour the grandpa she loved. A man who made other people laugh, I’m sure he’s smiling above. Today starts the rest of their story… This chapter called Husband and Wife, Two people with difficult backgrounds, Found each other and start a new life.

Meg is now offering bespoke poetry for: 

Personalised children's stories


Corporate Events - wow your clients with a personalised poem just for them!


Paula Scott

"Megan was kind enough to offer her services when our son got married. Due to lockdown it was very different to what we had planned!!. We approached Megan to write a poem.
She has such a professional approach, so needed to know as much information about the bride and groom to allow her to personalise it.
It was fantastic.. I honestly don't know how she does it!.
It contained a summary of their 1st meeting , including any highlights which definitely needed a mention. And it was done in a very humorous way.
This lady is so very talented , and so very organised ..And I have no hesitation in recommending her talents , she is first class."


Personalised Poetry Reading Feedback

Wedding Ceremony Script with Bespoke Poetry Reading
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