Your Wedding Ceremony


Now the questions been popped, and the answer was yes.

It’s time to pick a date, the venue and the rest.

There’s so much more to-do and the time will go so fast,

So I am offering up my services to write about the perfect match.  


Everyone loves a love story, so why not tell me yours.

So I can write a ceremony, that I hope you will adore.

You’ve stumbled on my website, so why not take a look,

And if you wish to contact me, I’ll have my pen and notebook."

Wedding Celebrant Poem by Meg 

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Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life- so why not make it memorable with a personalised wedding ceremony script that reflects who you are as a couple?


Let me, a trained wedding celebrant, into your world and I will write a wedding ceremony script that is tailored to you. From your readings, special elements and song choices, we will work together to make your wedding ceremony one that will be remembered. I mainly cover weddings in the North East but I'm happy to travel.

My wedding celebrant service also offers a 'our journey' poetry service. This service is exclusive to my brides/grooms, feel free to have a look at this section of the website and let me know if this is something you want incorporated into your wedding ceremony. This poem will tell your story as a couple, how you met, your engagement and beyond! 

The creative

Special Ceremony Elements 

Adding 'special elements' to a wedding ceremony is becoming increasingly popular. 

These symbolic rituals can be adapted to reflect your relationship style and the theme of your ceremony.

Below are some ideas but you may have a unique idea you would like to try for your ceremony-

I love new ideas and creations so let me know! 

Unity Sand Ceremony

Symbolising the joining of a couple. It involves both partners pouring sand, of two different colours, into a single container, symbolizing their life-long commitment and the joining of their two lives. Family members e.g. children can also be involved. 

Rose Ceremony 

Roses are presented to the mothers and/or grandmothers as a way of thanking them for their continued support and for raising the person you love. 

Candle Ceremony 

To signify the joining of two families, the mothers light individual candles to symbolise the couple moving on from their family to create a family together.  

Wine Ceremony 

Involving one glass of white wine and one glass of red wine, which are poured into a separate glass to create a blush colour that the couple then drink from. 
Wine Box Ceremony

The couple will write love letters to each other and seal them in an envelope. They then choose their favourite bottle of alcohol (e.g. wine, gin) and place it in a memorabilia wine box to open on an anniversary of their choice. 


Hands are tied with ribbons and cloth to symbolise a relationships strength and unity of the couple and the bringing together of two lives, hearts and families. Literally ‘tying the knot’.
Handfasting can be customised as well to suit the couple e.g. different coloured ribbons to symbolise different strengths in the relationship, a variety of binding materials and different spoken words can be used.
Band Warming 

The ring is passed guest to guest, to give good luck through silent wishes.
Flowers of Unity 

Both sides of the family are given a different flower, the guests then each put their flower into a vase to create a bouquet to celebrate the coming together of friends/family.

Wishing Tree

A small tree is placed at the front of the ceremony and prior to the wedding each guest is asked to pick up a small card to write their wishes for you on. During the ceremony, the guests are invited to hang their wishes it on the tree. 

Hand Prints

Hand prints can work well if you have children in the family. The children will do theirs prior to the day and the parents adds their hand prints to complete the picture.

Ceremony Parchment including up to two witnesses 

A brief ceremony involving the couple and two witnesses. Each in turn sign a keepsake parchment or certificate which is then presented to the newlyweds.

Other elements are available and can be discussed. 

Tree ceremony_edited.jpg



Wedding celebrant services start from £450 and includes: 

  • Initial home visit/video call. 

  • Unlimited telephone/email contact. 

  • Wedding ceremony script draft.

  • Wedding venue liaison/visit. 

  • Second Interview to review the first wedding ceremony script draft.

  • A final wedding ceremony draft completion and rehearsal. 

  • Delivery of your wedding ceremony on your big day.

  • A copy of your wedding ceremony script as a keepsake. 

  • Support throughout your wedding planning. 

My official wedding prices list and questionnaire are located in the PDF links below:

The legal bit 

Unfortunately, independent wedding celebrants in the UK cannot currently legally marry couples. (We are hoping this will change soon).  

The legal part takes 20 minutes and can be done at your local registry office ideally the morning of or the day before your ceremony. 

You must give your local registrar notice of your intend to marry and make arrangements as soon as possible. 2 witnesses must be present and you will get your marriage certificate signed at this point.