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My vows to my couples! North East wedding celebrant promises.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Thinking about hiring me for your wedding ceremony? Here are my celebrant vows to you!

Meg Stanier Celebrant holding a script & smiling.
(Photo: Alicia Eden Photography)

A vow to all my couples,

as you’re planning your big day.

If you hire me, I promise,

you’ll have you wedding, your way!

I promise to always listen

to your ideas and any worries

And if you leave a message for me

I'll reply in a hurry.

I’ll never push you to add elements

which aren’t your cup of tea.

If you don’t like certain traditions,

that’s totally fine by me!

I vow to write all scripts from scratch

and never use a copy.

I promise my writing will suit your tone,

whether hilarious or soppy.

I will take the time to get to know you,

how you met and your story since then,

To show interest in your wedding plans…

Who, what, where, how and when.

I promise to listen to script feedback,

be as honest as you can!

To always be well organised,

together we’ll make the perfect plan.

On your day I'll be smiley

and friendly to all of your guests.

I’ll be passionate when officiating,

I’ll always do my best!

I vow to always be on time,

you’ll be my only wedding that day.

The ceremony won’t be rushed...

If you’re little late, that’s ok!

I promise we’ll have fun,

your wedding is a celebration!

A ceremony you’ll always remember,

to kick off your special occasion.

Finally, I vow to be a friend!

I’ll always be there for you.

A celebrant you can be proud of

when you finally say ‘I do’.

Meg x

Looking for a celebrant in Darlington, The North East, Yorkshire or beyond! Please get in touch to arrange a free zoom meeting, I can't wait to chat!

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