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Stationery Checklist: Your Wedding Ceremony.

Here's my checklist of everything you COULD include in your wedding ceremony, I'm not saying you NEED all these ideas, but it's always nice to have a list of all the possibilities!

Vow Cards

Don't try to memorise your vows if you think you'll be too nervous or don't like public speaking. Instead, get some vow cards designed to suit your theme! They look lovely in photos. My couples have their vow & reading cards included in the price of their ceremony, one less thing for them to think about!

Photos: SoPhotogenic Photography / Alicia Eden Photography

Reading Cards

Please! Don't use your phone during the ceremony or get your friend to memorise the reading you've asked them to recite. Have some cards designed to match your vow cards instead. Tip: Always remember to ask your readers what font size they're comfortable with.

Photos: SoPhotogenic Photography / Alicia Eden Photography

Decorative Certificate

If you are hiring a celebrant, you may opt to sign a decorative certificate! You can keep this classy or go for a more interesting design. I've done designs with campervans, moon & stars and gold foil before!

Photos: Alicia Eden Photography

A6 card on white seat. Reads 'This seat is reserved for the Mother of the Groom' with date and initials.

Seat Reserve Tags/Signs

If any of your bridal party is walking down the aisle, make sure they have seats reserved, so they're not awkwardly searching for a seat after your grand entrance.


You could go mad with signage! Here's some ideas of signs you may need!

Welcome sign - To welcome your guests to the wedding, keep it simple with just the date or add your names.

Pick a seat sign - Not a necessity these days but does set a nice tone for your day & encourages both sides of your family to mingle.

Unplugged ceremony sign - Remind your guests to keep their phones off/away! Ask your celebrant to make an announcement too!

Order of the day - Let your guests know what's happening on your big day. The most interesting one I've created this year was a 'wedding day checklist' and guests were involved with ticking parts of the day off.

Wedding day poem - A bespoke poem, telling your story... have pictures of yourselves with parts of your story as your guests make their way to your ceremony OR have one sign detailing your love story so people can read as they enter.

For personalised poetry readings & signage contact Mg

Photos: SoPhotogenic Photography

Wedding Day Newspaper on wooden ceremony seat.

Order of the Ceremony/Service

Give every other guest an order of service so they can follow the ceremony. Have fun with it, like this couple did with a wedding day newspaper! Include order of the day, your love story, 'an exclusive', wedding day predictions etc...

Depending on the style/content of your ceremony, you may also opt for...

Song Sheets

If you're organising a group singalong during your wedding ceremony, make sure everyone has the lyrics! These days people pick all sorts of songs from modern day pop hits to classic love songs!

Quiz Cards

Having a quiz during your ceremony? Give your guests quiz sheets OR if it's a Mr & Mrs quiz cards with your two names on a side each.

Group Vow Card

Thinking about having a group vow (this is when all of your guests vow to support you both), create a large card which says 'We do!' so the guests know when to say it!

All stationery pictured is designed by me with my sister business 'The Ink and Foil Studio', if you hire me as your celebrant you get your vow & reading cards included in the price and everything else is 20% off.


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