Poetry Readings 

A little extra service

I would love to offer,
is a written piece for you

that will be like no other.

A personalised poem

for any celebration.
Whether a birthday,

a wedding or a graduation.

Use it as a reading

or an invite to your guests
or perhaps it’ll be gift?

Either way I’ll do my best!

As an independent celebrant, I enjoy writing ceremonies and I LOVE creating personalised poetry, it can be used as a special reading to add to your ceremony.


I will gather the information I need from your initial 'get to know you' appointment and draft a poem that I hope you will love and cherish. You will also be given a copy after your big day. My poetry service is exclusive to Meg Stanier: Independent Family Celebrant. 


My poems are £30, based on the amount of time it takes to write. If you would like to add this poetry service to your day, do not hesitate to ask me about this option. 


Amy & Michael, 2020

Postponement Poem 

So you booked for 2020, that might’ve been a mistake.
Everything’s been sorted: the music, dress and the cake. 
You wish it was a nightmare and any second you will wake.
You have to wait another year, to get married by the lake. 

You haven’t fully cancelled, but decided to delay. 
You didn’t plan for a virus, to stop your special day.
Your honeymoon’s been cancelled, you’re no longer going away.
So now I’m trying to cheer you up, here’s what I have to say….

I’ve written you this poem, to look on the bright-side. 
Read this very carefully, I’ll give you my reasons why…
Postponing your big day could be the best decision of your life. 
Even if you have to wait a year to become husband and wife! 

Think about the difference another year could make?
More time to practice speeches, the aisle walk and the cake! 
Just think about this time next year and how happy you will be.
When you’re stood in-front of everyone, not just the lucky thirty.

We’ll call Chloe ‘Mary Berry’, presenting her show stopper. 
If she bakes a cake a week, I don’t think anyone could top her.
Mike, Adam, Rob and Annie still have their speeches to do. 
They may not be great poets, but have time to improve.

The lads can have a stag and the girls can have a hen. 
Any excuse to have more drinks and meet them all again. 
The groomsmen and the bridesmaids, might even grow much closer.
Because now we have more time to sit and get to know each other.

Katherine has more time to decide how to wear her hair. 
Helen, Jess and Mollie can practice walking down the stairs. 
Rob and Laura’s little man, will be much older and aware. 
Everyone will be able to relax and feel the love in the air. 

So imagine us a year from now, it will be worth the wait.
I know it was a tough decision, so much to deliberate. 
If it rains in 2020, we’ll know that it was fate. 
But either way we’ll wait a year, to gather and celebrate!