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Real Wedding | Mr & Mrs Bazin | Northumberland Celebrant

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Eshott Hall, Autumn

Ellie and Jake had their wedding on a crisp October day, surrounded by the gorgeous Northumbrian countryside at the elegant Eshott Hall country house. The autumnal day was complemented by their red and ivory florals, and their bridesmaids wore burgundy – a lovely colour scheme to match the season.

I was in love with Ellie and Jake's chosen ceremony space. We stood in the middle of Eshott Hall's beautiful staircase, with groomsmen and bridesmaids placed either side. Guests were seated at the bottom of the stairs, with everyone looking up to the sight of the bride and groom having their special moment. With the added beauty of a stained glass window, no further decoration was required.

Eshott Hall, Groom and groomsmen line the staircase as the celebrant reads from the script.

We began proceedings by asking everyone to turn their phones onto silent and to allow the couple to have their moment without a sea of phones capturing their every move.

We joked, saying that even an Iron Maiden ringtone (one of the couple's favourites) wouldn't help them live that down on this day.

Bridesmaids, groomsmen, groom and celebrant watching the bride make her way down the stairs, bride in the mirror with her father

It was finally time for Ellie's grand entrance, following her bridesmaids, she walked down the staircase with her dad to meet her groom. Andrelli's sting quartet were playing angelically, which added to the atmosphere perfectly.

Ellie and Jake requested a simple, yet personal ceremony. They originally chose to hire a celebrant because they didn't like the spotlight on them for too long, they wanted to get to know the person who was officiating and found the ceremony a little daunting.

We welcomed their guests (and doggos present) to their big day and gave a nod to their pet rabbits, who were celebrating from home. Their ceremony described their thoughts on marriage and delved into their story, with the odd Iron Maiden quote thrown in for good measure. They even added some little jokes and poked fun at themselves throughout.

The couple opted for no vows, which was absolutely fine, it's not for everyone! We instead did a ring exchange and incorporated some vow-like promises into the script. The rings were carried by Jake's best man.

Once the rings were exchanged, we introduced this lovely couple as husband and wife! Mr and Mrs Bazin exited down the glorious staircase and out of the front entrance of their grand venue, where they continued their celebration outside with group photos and bubbly!

The day for the Bazins... really was amazing! Completely "them" through and through!

Congratulations again to Ellie and Jake!!

Bride and groom facing each other holding hands with Eshott Hall in the background.

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