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Real Wedding | Mr & Mrs Bell | Barnard Castle Celebrant

Updated: Jan 29

Amy and Rob's wedding in October was a stunning event that everyone will remember. The couple's choice of olive greens and neutral tones for their flowers and decor perfectly complemented the rustic venue. The ceremony took place at the charming wedding chapel at Runa Farm in Barnard Castle, creating a truly unique and unforgettable celebration that stayed true to their relationship and their story. 

Bride and Groom smiling during their runa farm celebrant ceremony

The announcements were made about phones, sharing pictures and confetti etiquette before Amy made her grand entrance alongside her bridesmaids, to the tune of "You have stolen my heart" by Brian Fallon.

To begin their special ceremony, we welcomed everyone to the celebration with warmth. We emphasised that marriage doesn't have to be a big song & dance or large gestures, but rather a union between two individuals who love and cherish each other's company. Their script blended modern perspectives with traditional values, such as supporting each other whilst also continuing to be your own individual.

Now seemed like the perfect time for their chosen reading. The bride and groom sat on the first row with family whilst Amy's sister recited “From Beginning to End” by Robert Fulghum.

Sister of the Bride giving a reading, Runa Farm, Barnard Castle

Reflecting on their story up to this point, we shared memories of their time together so far and their hopes for the future, resulting in smiles and laughter from the couple and their guests. 

Now we had spoken of the past, it was time to symbolise the start their life as husband and wife with a ring exchange. A very important ring bearer was selected to look after the rings, their dogo Juno kept guard during the whole ceremony and gave the rings to Rob at the right moment like a good girl. Her time to shine!!

Dog ring bearer!

Once the rings were exchanged, there's only one thing left to do right? Kiss?

Well this was no ordinary first kiss, the couple had incorporated a 'time since launch' clock into their ceremony.... once the pin was pulled by bridesmaid, Toni, the clock would count on forever (love this idea!). A short poem was written to introduce the clock and explain it's symbolism

Short extract:

"From our first kiss today,

We become husband and wife

And this clock will count on 

Throughout our married life.

Always a constant reminder

Of our time together.

Through the good times or bad,

Continues counting on forever....."

and without further delay the couple was introduced as husband and wife, shared a first kiss and the pin was pulled! A moment of celebration indeed!!

After signing a decorative certificate, it was time for their fun-filled confetti exit to 'I believe in a thing called love' by The Darkness. A fabulous end to a loving ceremony which set the tone for the rest of their day!

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Bell! x

Bride and groom confetti exit at Runa Farm, Barnard Castle

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