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The Celebrant Poem!

Today's prompt on world celebrant's week 2023 is: Your Top Reasons For Choosing A Celebrant for your Ceremony.

I could honestly go on forever and I feel like couples choose celebrants for all sorts of reasons! So, why should you consider hiring a celebrant? Here's a poem!

C is for creative,

we are writers with imagination.

E is for engaging

with your guests on your special occasion.

L is for love & laughter,

ceremonies filled with fun & life.

E is for emotion,

we’ll bring a tear to your eye.

B is for bespoke,

with each script written from scratch.

R is for romantic

because you’ve found your perfect match.

A is for authentic,

we encourage you to be who you are.

N is for nostalgic,

includes all the memories you’ve collected so far.

T is for telling your story,

from how you met up until your big day.

Hire a celebrant & we’ll promise,

you’ll have your ceremony your way!

Celebrant Holding Script, Smiling, Facing Away From Gusts.

Please, feel free to share!

Meg! x

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