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Real Elopement | Lisa & James | Lake District Wedding

Lisa and James' Elopement at Storrs Hall, Lake Windermere.

On a chilly November day, Lisa and James tied the knot at the stunning Storrs Hall, The Lake District. Despite the weather, the ceremony was held under the pavilion with a breathtaking view of Lake Windermere, creating a picturesque backdrop and setting the tone for their next chapter together.

Bride with Father walking on the path outside Storrs Hall, Windermere.

The cold never bothered her anyway!

Lisa, the bride, braved the walk down to the pavilion. The area was decorated with a lovely blue floral arch, and her groom, James, eagerly awaited her arrival in this stunning setup.

Their bespoke ceremony started with life lessons about timing, navigating personal journeys, and serendipitous moments that led to stories from their own experience.

A poem, detailing their incredible journey (written by Meg), was then recited. It began with the moment they met many years ago, to the time they spent apart, and ultimately their joyous reunion which led to the memories they’ve made since. As they reminisced on how far they've come, the poem served as a beautiful reminder of their incredible journey together and they couldn't stop smiling!

After reflecting on their love story, it was finally time for the couple to make their promises to one another. With great care, they had handwritten their vows and recited them with affection. The speeches were presented on a card perfectly matching their theme, designed by The Ink and Foil Studio.

Dark blue, love heart ring dish with the wedding rings inside

As they exchanged their rings, a meaningful symbol of their vows, we marked the occasion with a second reading. 

"Maybe" by an anonymous author was read,

An extract:

'Maybe we are supposed to meet the wrong people before we meet the right one so when they finally arrive, we are truly grateful for the gift we have been given.' 

A beautiful way to lead in to their announcement as husband and wife. A perfect time to pop the champagne!

A breathtaking setting for an intimate elopement in the Lake District. Congratulations once again, Lisa and James!

Bride and groom, Storrs Hall, Lake Windermere

If you are looking for a celebrant for your elopement, please contact Meg!


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