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Bye bye boring... the rise of celebrant weddings.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The wedding industry is constantly changing, with new trends popping up every year and new ideas around every corner!

These days, you can pretty much do whatever you want on your big day, couples are choosing to embrace their personalities & CELEBRATE their love the way THEY want! Gone are the days where you have to include certain traditions, with many old traditions already being tossed aside to make way for modern ways e.g. the garter toss (I don't think anyone misses this one).

We often focus on food, drink and entertainment when planning a wedding... no one wants their guests to be bored or hungry, BUT what about the ceremony?

How many times have you been to a wedding and thought:

  • "I can't wait for the ceremony to be over so we can drink"

  • "I'm so bored, thank goodness they're signing the certificate"

  • "This is just like Karen & David's wedding the other week"

  • Or just switched off completely & started thinking about the food

Your ceremony is arguably the most important part of your day and it deserves to have your full attention during planning! It may sound boring (especially if you've never witnessed a celebrant wedding) but I promise it won't be bored if you hire a celebrant! You will actually look forward and be excited for your ceremony.

'Oh yeah, why are celebrant ceremonies so great anyway?'

Image: Chloe Gels Photo

You get to choose your celebrant! We get to know you both, your story and what YOU want your ceremony to be like e.g. light-hearted, romantic, hilarious. We will be with you throughout your whole planning process, by the end of your wedding planning, we'll be like a friend and you'll feel so comfortable with us! There's so many celebrants now, shop around and see who's right for you!

You ceremony will tell your story! Including your meet-cute, first impressions, favourite memories and hilarious tales. No one will have a ceremony like yours as everyone's love story is different. We will also speak about your hopes for the future. Multiple meetings & quizzes will allow us to delve into your world & make your ceremony truly yours.

Wedding ceremony script folder being held during a ceremony, grey flooring.

Image: Alicia Eden Photo

No prewritten copies! All ceremonies are written from scratch, and you can read drafts and make amendments. I always say, it's your story, your celebrant holds the pencil, but you have the eraser. We won't be offended if you change bits of the script.

There is also no restrictions on content, say whatever you like!

You can be as creative as you like! It completely depends on your personalities, some couples prefer a simple ceremony which tells their story, while others want more symbolism & pizzazz. There is NO right or wrong!

Personalised poems, singalongs, unity ceremonies & group toasts are just some of the ideas you can use. BUT there's SO much more! Have a new idea? Let us know and we'll give it a go!

Images: Chloe Gels Photo / Alicia Eden Photography / SoPhotogenic Photography Venues: The Pumping House / Van Dyk by Wildes / Hornington Manor

Let's get this party started! A celebrant will engage with your guests, get them excited & set the mood for your whole day! I've been caught dancing to the pre-ceremony music many times!!

No clock watching!

Celebrants aren't restricted by time and location; we will only have one wedding a day so won't be rushing off to anyone else. Pick any time you like, if you're running late, we'll wait!

Altogether now!! Let's keep it engaging. There are no restrictions on guest participation, have your guests get involved with unity ceremonies, songs, band warmings, confetti exits and group vows. Even without physical activities to get involved with, your guests will feel like they're part of your ceremony because it'll all be about you. Celebrants are like performers, we engage with the crowd, use projection, facial expressions and eye contact!

Celebrants think about the finer details!

They speak your other suppliers & venue coordinator to make sure everyone knows what's happening on the day. They make sure they're there early on the day to put out any fires and to check everything is ready! We also help source wedding ceremony props & stationery!

Image: SoPhotogenic Photography. /. Stationery: The Ink and Foil Studio

I could carry on typing all day about how amazing celebrant ceremonies are and how hiring a celebrant is a completely unique experience from booking all the way up to your big day! Still unsure? Why not ask some questions and book in for a call with celebrants in your area! You can search for celebrants using The Celebrant Directory, UKSOC, Hitched and other wedding directories!

Meg x


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