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My top 10 reasons for hiring a wedding celebrant!

  1. Love Has No Boundaries. Using an independent celebrant means you can have your wedding ceremony almost anywhere, as long as you have the owner’s permission. I can officiate wedding ceremonies indoors, outdoors, in hotels, fields, beaches or even your back garden to name a few... Anywhere you can think of – the world is your oyster.

  2. We love being creative. From writing your script to creating your certificates and added extras, I will pour my heart and soul into the different elements of your ceremony and love trying new ideas. Every celebrant has a niche and something they really enjoy doing, I personally love writing personalised poetry for my clients and believe this is a truly unique way of telling a couples story, I even offer a print out of this afterwards as a keepsake.

  3. Unlimited contact. I will not just show up on the day of your event to read your script after you've filled out a quick questionnaire. I want to get to know you as a couple/family and make sure you are always up to date on how your wedding ceremony script is progressing. You will be given my direct information to contact me, at any time, with your queries. Just leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP!

  4. About Time. Have your wedding ceremony any time of day, whether it is the break of dawn or 8 o’clock in the evening, I will be there. Times may be restricted with certain venues/suppliers, but your wedding celebrant can often be flexible with your plans.

  5. No Repetition. An independent celebrant will never use the same script twice and why would you want your ceremony to sound the same as the last wedding you attended? Your love is unique to you and your partner, so why would your ceremony be the same? I will put a lot of time and effort into your wedding ceremony scripts to make sure this does not happen, it’s your wedding, not anyone else’s.

  6. Your Ceremony, Your Choice. The content of a celebrant lead wedding ceremony is not confined to any faith, culture or religion. Your ceremony is literally a blank page, you don't necessarily need to stick to the norm. Any theme, any readings, any music, any vows. You can also choose as many ‘special elements’ to include during your ceremony, these are generally used to symbolise your love and the coming together of two families but, unlike a wedding that’s registrar lead, you do not just have to pick one and the script will never be the same for these. I can adapt the different elements to suit your ceremony and your beliefs. In addition, if you come up with an original idea, I would love to develop this with you.

  7. We Love to Listen. I love to listen to your story and create a unique script using this information, it is the tiny details that really make a celebrant lead ceremony unique. I also want know everything about your special plans. I personally love planning events for my friends and family so will also love to hear all about your whole day, not just your hopes for the ceremony. Sometimes knowing information regarding the rest of your day can help me when writing your script.

  8. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. I will introduce myself to your other suppliers e.g., your venue, florist, photographer, and your family/friends (if you wish) to make sure everyone is on the same page. We all want your day to run without a hitch.

  9. Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance... I am a strong believer in being prepared for every eventuality, I promise my clients that I will do my very best to make sure their ceremony runs as smoothly as possible. From the timings, the elements and the music, I will check and check again if these are all present, correct and ready for your wedding ceremony. That's also why I tend to include a dress rehearsal!

  10. You Get to Know Us. As you will meet with me multiple times during your wedding planning journey, it means your wedding ceremony will not be officiated by a stranger on your big day! My next blog post will give you an insight into my life and wedding story.

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