Your Naming

A Toddler and a Baby

"Your little bundle of joy, has finally arrived,
It’s even more magical than people had described,
A new member of the family, you’ll be beaming with pride,

Been waiting for nine months, the bond has been tied.


The birth of a child is such a special occasion,
Perhaps you’ve been thinking of having a celebration?
A naming ceremony would be perfect, just pick the location,

And I will be there to perform my written creation."

Naming Celebrant Poem by Meg 

Contact now to discuss your naming ceremony.

A naming ceremony is a special moment to introduce your baby/child to the world.

These ceremonies can also be used to  include older children/siblings or take place when a child has been adopted.

As a naming celebrant, I will meet your family, get to know you and write a script to fit your desires for the day. A naming or welcoming ceremony can be done at any location you choose. Special elements, readings and music can be discussed. If you're looking for an independent naming celebrant in the North East, please get in touch! 


Naming ceremony

Baby Naming Ceremony
To celebrate the birth of a new child. 
As your naming celebrant, I will meet you as a family and will collect information and get to know you, in order to write a unique ceremony for your special event.

If you wish to learn more about my naming celebrant services, please do not hesitate to call/email. 
Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline
Story Time
To welcome an adopted child into a family. 
This can also be used to introduce stepchildren to the new extension of their family. 

Welcoming ceremony

Who is involved in a naming ceremony?
Hiring a naming celebrant means there are no limits to your ceremony! Any member of your family or friendship group can be involved in the naming ceremony. 
Parents and grandparents often use the ceremony to pledge their care and love to a child as well as promising to support them through their life. You may also wish to involve your other children/cousins/step-siblings. 
It has also become popular to name a few 'life mentors' who make their own promises to look out for your child. 

Special Elements

Family Portrait
Choosing an element for your naming ceremony. 

Adding 'special elements' to a naming ceremony makes the day even more unique, these can be discussed and personalised to suit your theme/wishes. 

Here are some ideas to get started but you may have a unique idea you would like to try-

I love new ideas and creations so let me know! 

Prices start from £30 per element.

Circle of love and unity 
Everyone holds hands to create a circle around the family unit as the naming takes place, to 'lock in' their commitment to love and protect the child always.
Best Wishes Box 
Everyone has a small card to write on their hopes and wishes for the child and the family. Before the naming ceremony they place the cards into the box and the family opens them at a time of their choosing.
The Naming Ribbon  
The friends/family present stand in a circle, a ribbon is tied to the child's wrist, or held by the parents. This is then unravelled and handed to each person present until the ribbon is held by everyone around the circle, finishing with the child. This is to show the support/love/commitment of everyone present, the 'naming' of your child can also be incorporated into this element of the naming ceremony. 
Sand Ceremony 
Sand, of differing colours, are poured into a jar to show commitment to your child, the different colours intertwined symbolises a bond that can never be broken. Any members present can take part in this ceremony e.g. grandparents, life mentors, parents, other children. 
The Naming Ceremony Process
  1. Contact me via mobile, email or my online form.  

  2. I will be in touch to arrange an initial appointment where I will explain my naming celebrant services briefly before setting up a meeting.

  3. We will meet either in person or via skype/zoom. This is when I will start to get to know you as a family and what you want for your special day. Music, readings and special elements for the naming ceremony can also be discussed at this point. 

  4. I will go away and begin drafting a ceremony script for your event. You will be involved in the whole process every step of the way and will be able to see drafts of your script. A rehearsal can also be added at this point. 

  5. A final draft will be confirmed 4 weeks before your event so there is time to make last minute adjustments. 

  6. I will be present to perform your unique script and you will be given a copy of your script to keep as a memento of your day. Ceremonies are usually approx. 30 minutes. 

Naming celebrant services start from £300 and includes:
  • Initial home visit/video call. 

  • Unlimited telephone/email contact. 

  • Ceremony draft. 

  • Support throughout your planning. 

  • A second meeting to go over the draft.

  • A ceremony rehearsal.

  • Delivery of your ceremony at your event. 

  • A commemorative certificate

Extra costs could include: special elements, personalised poetry, accommodation, travel, fancy/themed dress, extra meetings.