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Zoom Christmas? Free Scavenger Hunt Quiz.

Christmas Eve Quiz 2020

Twas the night before Christmas And what a year we’ve had. We haven’t seen each other, Looking back it seems so mad.

So here we are today. Not in person but via zoom. To have a Christmas quiz, To get rid of the doom and gloom. The first item on our list Is a scavenger hunt round. So everyone pick a runner, I’ll give you a clue and the buzzer will sound. Work together to guess The item I’m describing. We’ll give you a few seconds, Then it’s time to start running.

Scavenger Hunt


This is an item of clothing, We have all been asked to wear. You should find it on your face, So there is less virus in the air.


The next item on our list, Is specifically used to clean. You use it on your hands, No exceptions, not even the queen.


Tomorrow is Christmas day You'll have these under your tree. They will all be wrapped up, For your friends and family.


If you have small children, You will put this out tonight. This item's for Santa’s reindeer, Who have been travelling throughout the night!


Everyone has a tree They have decorated how they like. I want you to retrieve a hanging thing. Either red, blue, green, or white.


This item is usually a circular shape. We hang this on our door. It gives our visitors festive cheer, Something your neighbours may adore.


We have already done the reindeers treat But what about poor St Nick? He has been on a long journey too, What food do you think he would pick?


Earlier this year, The virus made people panic. They bulk bought a bathroom essential, It really was quite manic.


We send these in the post,

To wish a merry Christmas and new year.

I am looking for one starring Santa..

Not dogs, cats, or reindeer.


For the final rhyme of this section,

I want you to dress up.

Find your most festive item of clothing,

Before your 5 minutes are up.

1. Face Mask

2. Hand Sanitiser

3. Present

4. Carrot

5. Bauble

6. Wreath

7. Mince Pie

8. Toilet Roll

9. Christmas Card with Santa on

10. Best dressed gets 5 points

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