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Celebrant: From Initial Contact to Wedding Day

You have seen a celebrant you like, You have seen the services they provide.

But what happens next?

Here is Meg’s celebrant ceremony guide.

This week I am going to explain the wedding celebrant process, from initial contact to wedding day. If you are still undecided about whether hiring a wedding celebrant is the right choice for you, maybe this will help.

*Some celebrants may plan slightly differently*

Get in contact!

If you have seen a celebrant you like, make sure to get in touch with them ASAP to arrange a meeting and reserve your date. Call, email, direct message or use their online form if they have one.

We will get back to you

Your celebrant will note down your wedding date and arrange a meeting with you in person

or via video call. Some celebrants may send you a questionnaire to fill out before your meeting, this will include questions about your wedding planning so far, how you met, your engagement, your interests, your family, and your general story. You may be asked to send this back before you meet your celebrant so they can read it. They may also include their price list and/or a brochure to cast your eye over. * There is no commitment at this point, it is just a meeting.*

We will meet you!

This meeting will be used to get to know you both as a couple and what you want for your wedding ceremony on your special day. It is also used to get to know your celebrant, so ask any questions you want! We will discuss your venue, your ideas of themes, your wedding party and much more.

If there is anything that you have already decided before meeting us, we would like to know, we need as much information as possible to start drafting your ceremony to fit your theme and personalities.

If you have filled out a questionnaire for us, we will have looked at this and may ask you some more questions, this to get to know you further so we have enough content to initially create a personalised wedding ceremony script for you. We will ask you how you imagine your ceremony to be and if you have any ideas on music and readings, we will contribute our own ideas and build upon your initial thoughts.

If you wish to continue, we will show you the special elements you could use during your wedding ceremony e.g., sand, wine box, handfasting, rose ceremonies and personalised poetry and explain what these represent and how you can adapt them. If you take a shine to any elements, we will write these down.

At this point, you may wish to go away and decide if this celebrant is the right celebrant for you, there are no commitments until you are ready. After you have decided and signed the contracts & paid a deposit, you may wish to meet us again to go over some choices for your ceremony.

It’s time to get writing

Your wedding celebrant will gather the information and wishes from your meeting and will begin drafting your wedding ceremony script for your big day. You will be involved in the whole process, every step of the way, and will be able to see drafts of your wedding ceremony script at relevant points. We may also be in contact with you throughout if we have any inspiration whilst writing your script regarding new ideas.

We will meet again

Your ceremony script will be sent to you prior to a pre-arranged meeting. You will have the chance to read it and decide if you would like to change anything before the final draft is written, we will meet and discuss. Remember this is YOUR wedding script, you must be happy with it and we are there to make it perfect and unique for you. At this point we may also arrange your rehearsal if desired.

The final draft

After this meeting, your celebrant will go away and write your final wedding script to be used on your day. This will be done 4 weeks before your wedding, if time allows, so that last minute adjustments can be made.


We will meet you and anyone who is actively involved in your ceremony e.g. readers, bridesmaids, groomsmen etc. To make sure everyone knows what they are doing during the ceremony.

Your big day

Your wedding day is here! Your celebrant will have liaised with the venue and other suppliers and set up the ceremony items and scripts, they will also come and speak to you before the ceremony to go over any last-minute bits. Your celebrant will be present to perform your unique script and you will be given a copy of your wedding ceremony script to keep as a memento of your day. Wedding ceremonies are usually between 30-45 minutes. We can also stay for photos if required.

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